CNC: The beginning (2011-08-31)

So, my buddy Mike mentions to me in conversation, that a CNC mill would “sure be a fun, yet daunting project to undertake!” He mentioned this to me after I said, I need a mill to route PCBs for projects.

Build my own? I had never even thought it possible. After a bit of research — and research for me is in the hours to days category, not minutes — I made up my mind to start building one.

Well, now that I have a blog that is partially working, I’m going to start posting the info on here. Perhaps, it will be help to some and humorous to others. I tell you, I’ve learned a lot over the last few months and have already made up my mind to build a second generation machine, since this prototype has actually “kind of” worked. Yes, there are still a lot of bugs to discover and correct, which will be addressed in subsequent posts.

I had no plans when building this machine, and just decided to measure and build on the fly. That’s how I learn and how I roll. So, without knowing anything about steppers, how much power they need, the proper drivers, g-forces of the gantry, inertia, zed-axis height, how much of my money Mike had actually spent without me knowing, etc. I set in.

To begin, why not start with the base. Any good builder knows a building is only as good as its foundation. I set out to build the base. It’s a simple, heavy-duty base made out of old sectional-desk parts. People will scoff at the use of particle board, but guess what, this stuff is tough — far tougher than the MDF crap from the box-stores.

So, here’s the base:

CNC Base










CNC Base
CNC Base

GoDaddy and WordPress

Well, it appears that GoDaddy is having issues with my WordPress page. So, what do I do? Complain, obviously. They sent a non-answer about upgrading and adding cacheing plugins — which is impossible if your administration site only shows 500 errors.

So, what do I do? Complain about the non-answer and suddenly, it starts working — kind of. Then, a response from GoDaddy obviously states that nothing is wrong, to which I say out loud, “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!”

Anyway, for those who are having the same issues, here are a couple of steps I’ve taken:

Set your server extensions the PHP from FastCGI PHP mode. Will it help? Perhaps.

Enable system logging to see if there is an error. Will it help? I don’t know: when I try to download the log file, it’s empty.

Yes, it all seems like bunk to me. I was able to get some cacheing installed after they said I have a problem, so hopefully that helps. Perhaps, it will stay up long enough to actually make some much needed posts and transfers. Stay tuned …

UPDATE: 1:58pm

After posting this update, when things were actually working speedy for about 45min-60min, it’s back to slow. I’m guessing, my latest gripe-email to GoDaddy will produce another hour of proper operations. I’ve optimized the database and installed the total-cache plugins. Neither have sped much up. Current page load times are 30sec-78sec. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon. I’d rather be posting happy things …


So, I finally got GoDaddy to realize I was not the problem and they suggested moving to the new 4GH hosting. After completing that move, I seem to be back up and running. So, I’ll take the first few canned emails from them as just that: we don’t want to help you, so here are some canned emails, and we will never admit we have a problem.

The New and “Hopefully” Improved

In an attempt to be more productive in my own endeavors, I’m updating my site. Hopefully, this will allow me to collect a bunch of crap that I seem to, redundantly, email to various people. This might take me awhile to accomplish, but it’s another project goal, none-the-less.

Also, I will hopefully combine Idaho Diving into this Emery blog world, as well. One less thing to worry about, right? So, hopefully, I will have enough patience to finish this project and get information about all of the other projects I’m working on as well.

There’s a lot to cover here: my endeavors in CNC land, Foolsbane, music in general, diving, electronics, electronics for diving, robots, electronics for robots, mechanical design for robots, mechanical design for musical instruments — ugh, the list goes on.

So, please enjoy the new when it is completed and populated.