Idaho Diving

Idaho Diving is all about SCUBA!

Among many of my hobbies, I am also a tech diver. I have an official rating of PADI divemaster #260800, but I don’t pay them, so it’s expired. This section of the site is intended to document diving in Idaho and surrounding areas, by combining information and resources collected from divers around the state, and to collect a detailed orientation of diving sites within Idaho and surrounding areas of interest.

Inland, cold-water diving can be far more challenging, exhaustive, and rewarding than typical warm-water recreational diving. Most of the time, it requires specialized equipment and training, not taken by most recreational divers. To allow me to dive all year, I always dive with a drysuit, all dives are planned at altitude, and extra planning and precautions needs to be made.

On this page, I will “sticky” links to sections of the diving blogs. I will also encourage my diving buddies to post comments with their own experiences, suggestions, and insights.


You can’t dive without it! I have quite a bit of gear, which is mostly DiveRite. I pretty much purchase all of my gear through Dive Gear Express simply because they’re awesome and I trust them.

Log Pages (.PDF) — I designed these pages. Several of my buddies and I use these pages. One day, I’ll gear these more towards the tech diver and away from the teaching diver..

Dive Locations

These are locations to dive in the area. Some will have maps, photos, video, or just general information.


Alturas Lake

Box Canyon

Blueheart Springs

Dierkes Lake

Redfish Lake


No sites available, yet


Blue Lake


No sites available, yet


No sites available, yet


No sites available, yet