Music Gear

Live, I play Music-Man and Godin guitars exclusively. However, in the studio, many other tools are used, from a cheap $99 Rogue acoustic to my very old classical acoustic (not pictured). Writing happens on many different instruments, but when it comes down to recording, I usually stick to the Music Man and the Godin.

Also, not pictured, is the back of my rack, where there are many more effects pedals run by the GCX units. All of the gear pictured here, I would recommend to anyone.

This page does not show the rest of the gear that Foolsbane uses. There are many more instruments and noise makers that we use. This is simply a look into my gear-verse.

Also, I use Levy straps. They are plush, comfortable, and you can play for hours with them. The Levy straps are held on with Schaller Strap Locks.

Please enjoy responsibly: