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Just me and Chris
Just me and Chris

Well, what can I share about myself? I’m a husband, father, musician, and general tinkerer. I do a lot of things. The old idiom Jack of All Trades, Master of None certainly springs to mind. But here, I’ll get on with it.

I began my musical career at the age of three, after my grandfather taught me to play harmonica. I held my first public performance under a set of escalators, located in a shopping-mall in Utah. I began classical piano studies shortly after, performing many times and earning a scholarship for college. When I was 16, I bought his first guitar and amp. Playing guitar became my life-long passion.

I continued to hone my craft over many years and eventually began teaching guitar and piano. In the early 90’s, I left the teaching trade and nearly gave up playing guitar all together. Alternative music had killed the guitar solo and it simply wasn’t fun to play anymore. The flame was rekindled when I forged Foolsbane with Jason Ramsey, Chris Wiersema, and D.J. Winnett, and I haven’t looked back since. In February of 2009, I finished the studio recording, The Curse of the Third Man: Alpha, with my group Foolsbane, and released a second full-length album, The King and the Thief in 2011. Our 3rd album Conflict began selling on May 13th, 2017, and I’m very excited about it. I’m also proud to call myself an Ernie Ball/Music-Man artist and endorse Presonus gear!