The Deck Planter

Deck Planter and a dork
Deck Planter and a dork

I have been wrestling with what to do to finish the north-west edge of the deck for some time. Initially, I decided to build an outdoor kitchen at the end, with some kind of serving wall. However, upon further thought and consideration of our wind patterns, the kitchen is being moved. Nothing seemed quite right for the end of the deck. I knew I didn’t want more railing — how boring. So, the edge sat for a year in limbo.

The same silly thoughts of walls and additional pergolas and other bad ideas kept flowing in my sleepless brain, until spring fever set in. I knew I had to get out of the house — crappy weather be damned, I say! Chugs kept repeating, “sounds like someone has spring fever!” He wasn’t wrong.

So, in my coat, beanie, and flip-flops, I got the tiller running. I had to do something. Time to till and prepare for the garden. Yes, way too early, but who cares? Spring fever, remember? It’s during these mindless activities — tilling, mowing, watering, spraying … sleeping — when my brain tends to wander! I recalled what a tragedy herbs were in the garden area. They always seemed so lonely and were never really used. Sure, I’d snap off some fresh basil just to smell it, but I never EVER used it! It went in the compost pile at the end of that year.

Then, a light bulb turned on — DECK PLANTER! Finally, an idea that didn’t suck to me! It would close the end of the deck, be useful, and add a nice topiary feel. I’d plant rosemary and basil and thyme and marjoram and green onions and alyssum and other flowers and pretty things and smell good things and useful, delicious things, and so I ran the idea by Jules. She loved it.

Consequently, I lost about two nights of sleep designing in my head. It’s how I operate … It ticks me off. I don’t like losing sleep, but it’s how my mind works — a quiet and dark environment with my eyes shut is the perfect place to simply think and plan. So, I present the deck planter. Now, it’s time for the weather to stop frosting and allow me to get the starts transplanted.

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