Just a quick update

UPDATE: This is all in the works for change. Please disregard this post!

This is just a quick update to get it out there that there has been some development done over in the X-Ware section of this site. That whole thing will be an endless work-in-progress, but there are a couple of useful things over there now.

X-User (no longer online)
This is nowhere near done, but I cranked out the code to allow users to register an account. Why you ask? Well, this is how those X-Ware stuffs which need authentication will allow you to authenticate. Think X-Parts and X-Coffee.

X-Parts (available, but you don’t have a user — find on github and if you need, i’ll send the sql)
This is a semi-collaborative electronics inventory system. Way cool, but still in deep development. You can use it now, and watch for updates!

X-Coffee (online, but i’m only using it … you don’t have a user)
This is really tailored to my coffee roasting, but, you might find it useful … that is, if you are a home roaster!

Enjoy! If you run in to a bug, drop me a note. If you like what you are using, drop me a note! If you don’t like it, tough. It’s free.