Is there anything better than a leg lamp?

Leg lamp
Leg lamp

I thought about this question for some time. I also thought that, hey, since you really suck at blogging consistently, and you don’t have any projects that you are currently “working” on, post about your new leg lamp. (Thanks Dom!)

Then I thought, well, there could be something better than one leg lamp. How about, TWO LEG LAMPS? MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Where on Earth could I possible get another leg lamp in time for this posting? Ah yes, trickery.


So, there you have it. Two, perfectly good leg lamps. Yes, twice the amount of that perfect glow of electric sex gleaming from the desktop.

P.S., that first shot is across the bow of my new Unicomp 122-key spring-buckle keyboard. However, I’ll let my brother Chug blog about that on his own, later.