Mollegabet Longbow

Thought I’d post something, since I haven’t posted in a really long time. On the first camping trip of this year, my energetic son Dom decided he was going to make a bow out of any material he could find in the Sawtooth forest. I laughed as he tested material that would never work, recounted how Arnold had to make a 5000lb. bow in Predator out of sticks, sinew, and muscle, and wondered to myself: how are longbows made? So, I did my normal eternity of research and ran across a wonderful dude on the YouTubes. Mike from BoarriorBows. Here are a couple of links:

Facebook Page

YouTube Channel

I have a left-handed recurve bow that my uncle built in highschool out of a kit. It’s around 50# and the bow I learned to shoot on as a kid. However, I’m right-handed and right-eye dominant. Doesn’t make much sense to shoot left-handed. So, the bow would be right-handed, so I could learn to shoot that way. (I can’t hit crap, right-handed. I’ll just tell you that right now. It feels funny after all these years of shooting left-handed.)

Anyway, I watched as many of Mike’s videos as possible, and after a million mistakes, here’s my first (and certainly not last) Mollegabet longbow. I weighed the thing and that scale says it’s 69# at my 29.5″ draw length. It was fun and I look forward to building more.

P.S. It’s made out of red oak. In the photos, you’ll see a Flemish string jig I made out of an old shelf, using my CNC machine. The string silencers are also homemade, out of bungee cord guts.