Steinhart-Hart Coefficient Calculator

Man, what a pain! In my attempts to avoid some crappy math, I went in search of a coefficient calculator to use in the Steinhart-Hart (SH) equation on my latest development project. After hours of searching, I finally found: Yes, I could have done the math by hand faster than this search took, but, matrix math sucks.

WOO, that’s all fine and dandy, but what if that calculator ever went missing? Plus, who needs all the extra fluff thrown into that calculator. I certainly don’t want to do the matrix math by hand to figure out the variables for the SH equation, so, I’ve built a small runnable jar to do the math for me.

And now, I give it to you! If you ever purchase thermistors that don’t have these coefficients in the data sheet, this calculator will give you values from three data points for Temperature/Resistance values from the data sheet for your thermistor.

Enjoy! Here is the link: SteinhartCoefficientCalculator.jar