Mad-Eye, 2012

Well, Halloween has finally come and gone. Time to upload the build for my Mad-Eye Moody costume. But first, I had to recover the files from my failed RAID. I had an HDD go bad in my garage PC. Upon replacement and rebuilding, the rebuild failed! And, it totally hosed the partition. I still don’t know what happened. But, I have my files back. (So much for RAID!)

So, this was the first 3D carving on the machine, where I actually had to flip the part. That was interesting, and not quite successful, but it worked. Lots of parts later, I had a Mad-Eye eye. The staff was not documented. It was built with PVC pipe, plaster, elbow-greese, lots of cussing, and paint. It held together long enough to get me through the night!

The wand was hand-carved with a Dremel, out of a limb I chopped off some smoking plum wood. It was a smashing success and I was voted best costume, this year. So, it was worth it :D

The video attached does not have anything to do with my costume, but it was a brief display of very fine routing of the base for best couple’s costume.