Channel Control: The proto, serial #000001

Who am I kidding? Serial #000001? AHAHAHAHAHAHA. This indicates I plan on selling a WHOLE BUNCH of these things. I can dream can’t I?

The Description:

Channel Control is a switching rack unit for guitar players. The prototype currently has eight, ground-isolated switches. The switches are controlled via MIDI program changes. The unit is capable of storing a ridiculous amount of 128 program changes, but, it’s better to have more than you need. Channel Control is programmed via Bluetooth from a Java application, capable of running on any OS with a JVM and which has Bluetooth capabilities.

The Premise:

I understand the Voodoo Labs GCX units are capable of switching items. But, my rack requires six switches, which almost wipes out and entire unit’s worth of loops. No other product like this exists for guitar players. I wanted to build something marketable and inexpensive for players to fill this niche. Perhaps, I can market my soon-to-be patent-pending device to Voodoo Labs. I can’t possibly be the only player out there who needs a device like this.

Some tech info:

Ok, I’ve been working on this rack device for a little-while. And, I believe it still needs some tweaking on the midi-thru, but the results are in, and it’s working in my rack. The only problem I’m having is that my ground control unit wigs out when it receives the midi through. Perhaps, I soldered something wrong, so, I’ll need to capture the midi signals and see what’s going on. Perhaps, my voltage is weird.

I designed this unit from the ground up. I didn’t want it to run off a wall wart, since that takes up a lot of space in a rack. I’m not really that happy with the cheap case I found, but it works. I cut out all of the ports on my CNC machine, so the lines would be beautiful in my rack. (I didn’t want LEDs that are askew)

I thought the idea of programming the unit wirelessly would be a slick thing. Who wants to go digging out a USB cable and try to get through the mess of cables in the back of a rack? Press and hold the programming button on the front of the unit and it’s ready for programming. Bind your lappy to the device and you’re ready to download from the unit or upload new programming. The download and upload takes mere seconds and you’re ready to play!

So, enough of that. Here it is in all of its prototype glory! Introducing, Channel Control.


If you are interested in this device, hit me up. I’m going to be selling them for around $180, after I work out the bug in the midi-thru.