X-Parts: A Collaborative Electronic Parts Inventory System

This is all in the works for change. Please disregard this post!

Well, I’ve been working on an online inventory system for Chugs and me to use for our growing inventory of electronic parts. It’s called X-Parts and is about 1/3 the way completed. But, the inventory and wishlist systems are actually completed, so, it’s time to make it available to anyone who might want to use it.

Plus, the more people who use it, the more part options will be available, as the databases are populated with those yummy electronic parts. Perhaps, I will be shooting myself in the foot for making this public on this blog, but the only people that actually read it are me and Chugs anyway! However, I’m a fan of sharing.

The link for X-Parts is: http://parts.traceyemery.com/

So, come one come all and enjoy. If you do sign up, please read the guidelines once you are logged in. The system is built specifically around Chugs and my requirements. It might not fit your requirements.

Gathering at Blue Lake

Well, had a great weekend with my dive bros! I believe this is all that remains of the mighty STORM, and that’s just fine by me. It was a cold and windy weekend, and Wade and I were both sick and could only dive one day, but it was a great trip non-the-less. Thanks Wade, Ellis, and Rick for a great weekend. Look forward to doing it again, really soon.