G.E.R.T.R.U.D.E. phase one!

Ok, maybe more like phase four, but who’s counting?

Well, she’s mobile. YIPPEE. But, she’s fat and has no power. Time to up the power to the motors, as 4 AA’s isn’t supplying enough juice. But hey, she’s cool. Time to find a magnetometer to produce accurate turning distances. It’s pretty willy-nilly right now, but a work-in-progress is just that: a work-in-progress.

But, here she is, in all of her fat-ass glory! Introducing Gerti-bot, the Generally Entertaining Roving Track Robot Understanding and Determining the Environment. Methinks the maiden doth protest too much!

1. Lower her eyes
2. Figure out a more powerful pinging device, as there are some anomalies. Perhaps, something in the code is off or the device is cheap. It can’t detect fabric.
3. Tighten up code.
4. Test distance summing
5. Get her up to at least … 100 miles per hour :)