The new fixture is working, and I can’t tell you how excited I am.

I’ve been having some problems milling PCBs. They simply aren’t flat (see previous post). So, Julie and I ran to Walmart and bought some cheapo cutting boards. Strapped a board to the mill, drilled four bolt holes for mounting to the bed, and flattened an area for PCBs. (No picture right now, sorry)

Eleven registry drill holes were drilled for flipping the board. PCB was superglued to the new fixture, and BAM, a FLAT EFFIN’ BOARD! Now, I’m still not done, as I lost something in the x-axis, but I will still be able to sleep tonight. I believe that once I am able to fix the x-axis problem, I’ll be milling away at PCBs really soon.

Well, it’s too hard to write and watch TV, so here are some pictures of an imperfect board that I’m thoroughly thrilled with. Did I mention all of the traces are isolated? The Ohmmeter proved it :)