CNC Build: Gantry part deux! (2011-09-10)

Well, as I mentioned before, the MDF gantry was complete and utter crap! So, I salvaged some old melamine-covered particle board and went to cutting. OH Look, it’s white and pretty. This was a much better and larger design, with a deeper bottom rail for the motor mount and taller design for better z-axis travel.

This is the gantry that is currently in use on the proto cnc machine. Recounting this build really makes me wish I was starting X-CNC: Gen.2 sooner than later. For example, again, Mike, the dude who got me into this decided he finally wanted to see the machine, so we decided to try to cut acrylic. AHAHAHAHHAHA, what a disaster! Fun, but a disaster none-the-less. Having no idea for the feeds and speeds, we set to Googling the information. Well, I can tell you, this gantry can handle over 250ipm and the cutting forces of 18000 rpms, to boot. Ok, that story will probably be better served at a later date, with a quick initial write-up by Mike (to be referred to as Chuginator, or Chugs, or … from this point forward).

CNC Build: Gantry (2011-09-05)

Well, here is the FIRST gantry setup, built with MDF. It looks neat, but what a piece of crap. It had no rigidity at all and MDF from box stores is just cheap. But, it’s all for the learning process, right? Subsequent posts will illustrated the gantry rebuild, which is much more rigid and in use today. Plus, on the gantry redesign, I offset the riser back, so the v-groove bearing support the weight of the spindle (router) better.

Also, a video demonstrating the motors being tested in Mach3 using the cheapo Chinese driver. People might like these, but I will be updating to Gecko Drives on the generation 2 CNC machine, to be built in the future.

(P.S. Look, I found the insert gallery option for WP. This will be much quicker now!! HAHAHAHA)

CNC Build: Some parts (2011-09-02/03)

Parts is parts. This also includes the rails added to the base for the gantries v-groove bearings. The rails were all measured and drilled by hand. One side is off by .001 inches, according to the spoil board when surfacing. Not bad for eyeballing it!

First ordered motors










Cheapo Chinese driver and some bearings










different angle
Parts in a different light