GoDaddy and WordPress

Well, it appears that GoDaddy is having issues with my WordPress page. So, what do I do? Complain, obviously. They sent a non-answer about upgrading and adding cacheing plugins — which is impossible if your administration site only shows 500 errors.

So, what do I do? Complain about the non-answer and suddenly, it starts working — kind of. Then, a response from GoDaddy obviously states that nothing is wrong, to which I say out loud, “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!”

Anyway, for those who are having the same issues, here are a couple of steps I’ve taken:

Set your server extensions the PHP from FastCGI PHP mode. Will it help? Perhaps.

Enable system logging to see if there is an error. Will it help? I don’t know: when I try to download the log file, it’s empty.

Yes, it all seems like bunk to me. I was able to get some cacheing installed after they said I have a problem, so hopefully that helps. Perhaps, it will stay up long enough to actually make some much needed posts and transfers. Stay tuned …

UPDATE: 1:58pm

After posting this update, when things were actually working speedy for about 45min-60min, it’s back to slow. I’m guessing, my latest gripe-email to GoDaddy will produce another hour of proper operations. I’ve optimized the database and installed the total-cache plugins. Neither have sped much up. Current page load times are 30sec-78sec. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon. I’d rather be posting happy things …


So, I finally got GoDaddy to realize I was not the problem and they suggested moving to the new 4GH hosting. After completing that move, I seem to be back up and running. So, I’ll take the first few canned emails from them as just that: we don’t want to help you, so here are some canned emails, and we will never admit we have a problem.